Why Should You Wall Mount Your CCTV?

It is great that everyone can now have home security CCTV. It makes us all feel so much safer in our homes. However, if you have bought your CCTV and are installing it yourself, you might be in a pickle over where to place the cameras. So first, we recommend knowing the laws surrounding CCTV cameras and where and what they can be facing or covering. 

We would also recommend having a firm who knows what they are doing install your CCTV. They are experienced at what they are doing. Plus, they are trained and have the equipment to work at heights, which is where your CCTV should be mounted.

Installing Your CCTV

Before you begin mounting your CCTV, it is best to determine where the most appropriate areas to cover are. For the best home security, you want your cameras to cover the high-traffic areas of your home, which are usually the most inviting to thieves. These include,

  • Front, back and side doors.
  • Off-street windows use an exterior or interior camera to cover this vulnerable spot.
  • Driveways and garages are also vulnerable to break-ins.

Tips For Positioning Your Outside CCTV 

Wi-Fi Strength

Before purchasing a wireless camera, you must check your WI-Fi signal’s strength. Likewise, your CCTV cameras will need strong signal access to ensure you get a good video capture and relay. For example, the camera could disconnect with poor or weak signals, or the video footage could be distorted or choppy.

Place Cameras High – Placement Is Critical For Effective Usage

Placing your cameras high enough so no one can reach them or, worse still, knocking them down and destroying them is the sensible option. The best advice would be to put exterior cameras at your second-floor level or the roof eaves if a bungalow. Aim for at least eight to ten feet. Inside cameras should be placed at ceiling height. When installing, it is the better option to screw them into the wall directly. This is a more secure alternative to attaching them with adhesive.

Camera Angles

To capture useful video footage and not just the top of someone’s head, you need to pay attention to the angle of your CCTV cameras. There is no need to try and hide your CCTV cameras. In fact, Knowing they are there can scare off two-thirds of potential prowlers. 

Consider placing them a foot or two from the window or door with the camera angles down towards them. Remember, if you want a clear view of what is going on, avoid angling your cameras into the sun, which can cause glare and high contrast. If you are still unsure about CCTV purchase and placement, we are happy to chat with you about the systems and the instalment. In addition, we offer a free CCTV survey that will specifically address CCTV coverage for your home or business.

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