What is Freesat TV?

Freesat provides a subscription-free TV service via satellite, which has over 170 TV and radio channels. Although starting new may be pricey, the significant advantages are no more monthly bills or contracts to worry about. However, if you already have a smart TV and a satellite dish, you might have some of the equipment you need. Some TVs are enabled for Freesat but not all! Want to check out if what you have is suitable for Freesat, give us a call.


Why People Are Choosing Freesat

  • Has the best TV beamed into your home
  • Has almost total coverage in the UK
  • Impressive channel choice of 200 TV and radio
  • HD is available – but your TV must be set as HD-ready to benefit from Freesat HD services.
  • You can record programmes


Freesat Equipment

A satellite dish is a necessary piece of equipment. If you already have one, you can check if it is compatible with Freesat, but please do not go climbing on your roofs, ask a professional to check. Non-recordable 4K Freesat boxes will work with almost any satellite. If you have chosen this, all you need to do is plug in the dish’s leads and follow instructions from your TV set.

Good news if you are a former SkyQ customer, you can buy the recordable 4K Freesat boxes and be able to record up to 4 programmes simultaneously. However, if you have Sky LND dishes, these will not record more than two channels at a time. By the way, did you know there was a Freesat App, from which you can record your programmes – you don’t have to miss your favourite show just because of a rail strike!

You should also check your TV has an HDMI port. If yours are already in use for streaming or gaming consoles, an HDMI switcher is what you need to connect them all. The HDMI cable will come with your Freesat tuner box.


If you want to watch On Demand, you must connect to the internet wirelessly or wired from box to router.


Don’t have a satellite dish, come and talk to us and we can find the best dish for your needs, and we will safely install them for you. We also have a selection of Freesat tuner boxes to choose from.


Freesat Channels

You can watch some of the UK’s favourite On Demand and Catch Up within Freesat channels and their HD channels. These include.

  • BBCiplayer
  • ITV Hub
  • YourTube
  • Plus, pay on-demand services like Netflix, Britbox and Prime Video


All channels available on any Freesat box, including,

  • Humax
  • Manhattan, 
  • Bush, 
  • Sagemcom
  • Freesat manufactured devices.   


If you want to know more about your Freesat options or any other TV suppliers, we are happy to help you. Just give us a call at TV Local Scotland.