How Long Should a Satellite Dish Last?

Quality of the Satellite Dish

The quality of the satellite dish is the first factor in how long it will last. A dish made with inferior materials or that is not installed properly will not last as long as a quality dish. When buying a sat dish you should look to buy direct from the manufacturer where possible, as this will ensure you get a quality dish.

What The Satellite dish Is Made Of

The second factor in dish longevity is what it’s made from. Satellite dishes can be made from a number of materials, the most common being aluminium and fiberglass. Aluminium is the cheaper of the two options but it is also less durable. Fiberglass is more expensive but will last longer as it is not susceptible to rusting.

Seaside Installations Don’t Last As Long

If you live near the coast then your dish will not last as long as if you live inland. The salty air is corrosive and will cause the dish to degrade quicker. If you live near the coast it is advisable to buy a dish made from fiberglass as this will withstand the sea air better.

Dishes In Exposed Environments Last Less Time

Another factor that determines how long your satellite dish will last is the environment it’s in. If the dish is in an exposed position then it will be more susceptible to the elements and will not last as long. It is better to have the dish installed in a sheltered location where it will be protected from the wind, rain and sun.

Satellite Dish Hasn’t Been Installed Professionally

If you try to install the satellite dish yourself then it is unlikely to last as long as if it had been installed by a professional satellite installer. A professional installer will know how to correctly fit the dish and will use the proper tools and materials. They will also be able to give you advice on the best location to install the dish for longevity.

Average Life of A Satellite Dish

With all of these factors taken into account, the average life of a satellite dish is between 10 and 15 years. However, it is not unusual for dishes to last 20 years or more if they are made from quality materials and installed correctly.

So there you have it, a few things to consider that will affect how long your satellite dish lasts. By taking into account the quality of the dish, where it’s installed and what it’s made from you can get a good idea of how long it will last.

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