How Can Storms Damage Satellites?

Last winter, the UK saw some big storms, with just days between them. Storms Dudley, Eunice, Franklin and Gladys brought horrendous weather and damaged homes, roads and utilities. These storms left us in the dark, with no heat, water or TV to distract from the howling gales and downpours. The weather forecasters seem to think this terrible weather will continue. If the weather office feels a storm will be a hazard, it gets issued an amber or red warning. It will also get a name

What To Expect From An Amber Or Red Warning Storm

Satellites can be particularly vulnerable to these types of storms. When you think about how hard it is to walk in short gusts of wind, imagine it with gusts of 70-80mph for an amber warning and 90+mph for a red alert. The reason for satellite vulnerability, other than being exposed, is that by design, satellites have a wide surface area. Great for picking up signals, just not that good in violent storms. 

Having your satellite checked after any named storms is always a good idea, as while they might not come adrift, they may move. Movement can cause loss or disruption to your TV services. Calling a satellite firm to do this is a good idea. They know what they are doing, are trained to work at heights, and have the safety gear you don’t have.

Normal UK Bad Weather  

A well-positioned ariel by a competent company, like TV Local, should be secure enough to withstand unnamed storms. However, it is always worth checking around the end of August before storm season begins if any brackets have become unsecured or loose. They could easily be ripped free if they come adrift in stormy weather. 

Apart from losing your TV programmes, your satellite could be damaged beyond repair, meaning you have the expense of buying a new one. Plus, as it comes adrift, it could damage your roof, causing even more unwanted expenses. 

There is also the potential to be a real danger to you, your family or passersby. No one wants a satellite dropping on them, do they? Neither do they want this heavy equipment dropping on their cars, conservatories or pets! 

Get Rid Of Old Or Unused Satellites Safely

It is not uncommon that you can inherit an old satellite, especially if you are moving home. Also, getting your ariel installer to remove any unwanted satellites while installing yours is a good idea. Once again, you do not want to be up on your roof yourself. 

For safety’s sake, let the skilled, experienced, and insured installers do the job. However, it is worth mentioning that if you have an odd job man or neighbour who offers to do this work for you, while nice of them, your house insurance will likely not cover any accidents that could occur when they are helping you out.

Satellite Maintenance

Given the increasingly lousy weather we face here in the UK, it is maybe a good option to arrange a regular maintenance check with your installer. Twice a year would be the best option, before and after the storm period. This is also a cheaper option than calling them in for an emergency repair.

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